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The town of Písek is synonymous with culture, and its genius loci has made it a favourite place for many an artist – poets, writers, composers, painters, photographers, and filmmakers, all who continue to find inspiration here for their works. The town has two theatres in close proximity to each other near Palackého Gardens – Fráňa Šrámek Theatre, and the alternative theatre Divadlo Pod Čarou. Nearby on the banks of the Otava is a Cultural House which was extensively reconstructed in 2005. The cinema Portyč is behind the complex of buildings on the opposite banks of the river on Čechova ulice, while an outdoor cinema can be found down the road towards the sporting complex. The nearby church of the Holy Trinity serves as a concert hall. The reconstructed Malthouse and newly also the Municipal Library are used as the town's cultural centers. In addition, various events are organized in the open air – e.g. on the squares of the town centre, in the Gothic fosse and Bakaláře area, in Palackého Gardens or at the Stone Bridge.

The Spring Festival that opens a season is organized at the most significant Písek monument – Stone Bridge. At the beginning of May, giant sand statues are built on the quay of the Otava River, an undoubted sign that the “Pískoviště” event that brings many activities not only for families with children is coming near. Šrámkův Písek, the national show of the amateur theatre organized at the end of May, has more than 50-year tradition. The weekend following 8 June, is under the sign of the renewed Písek Town Festival. In summer, various music and entertaining events take place here, such as the Summer Festival and the International Folklore Festival in late August. September in Písek is connected with the musical festival “Cool v plotě”, puppet theatre festival or the Beer festival. In October, you can usually meet film festival and one of the oldest running races in our country – Forest Running around America. The St. Martin Festival and a ball season that starts in this period then pass into the Advent in Písek


Centre of cultury of the town of Písek